Watertown has a long history of grassroots efforts that have been mobilized for a cause.  The efforts have seen mixed success.  Below are a sampling of some of these efforts! If you have details of other efforts you would like see listed - send me an email (link to the right!)
Grass Roots Movements in Watertown, NY

One of the earliest efforts was a      collection by the women of the city to purchase an ornamental fence to be placed around the fountain in Public Square. (The placement of the fence was a success, the where-abouts of the fence now are unknown!)

Efforts to "Save the Iron Block" from Preservation Watertown  (This resulted in the city spending thousands of dollars to demolish the building and the lot sits vacant today.)

The attempt to save the cast iron ornamental street lights.  (The effort ended in a compromise with replicas replacing the historic lights.)

RPF Statue Renovation Committee
a citzen committee raised funds to restore the Roswell P Flower Monument on lower Washington St.
The statue itself was restored, two granite eagles were re-created and the traffice island renovated.
(this was a stellar success!)

  There are three on-going movements at the present time - 1. Restoration of the Aresenal St. Cemertery 2. Creation of Dog Park 3. The Black River Stewartship fund for clean up, beautification and education at the resources of the Black RIver in Watertown.

I am sure there are many more - if you are aware of one or were part of one, please send an email message to me with the details!

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