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Jan - Feb 2008

Happy New Year!

2008 promises to be an exciting year from improvements!

The Public Square Streetscape will have the bulk of the work done this summer!  A number of Riverfront Park projects will be under construction and completed this fall.  Plans for street improvements continue with large projects in and around Ten Eyck St and Iroquis Ave.

Planning for renovations of the J. B Wise lot and City Parks continue.

Watertown was recently award Tree City USA for the 8th year in a row!!!

Nov - Dec 2007

The announcement is made that the area with receive more troops over the next 5 years - More Growth and development planned.

Housing Projects continue work into the new year -
Starwood, Summitwood and Creekwood
This offers new housing to a range of incomes close to schools, shopping and entertainment!

August - Sept - October 2007

The summer showed off how beautiful weather in the North Country can be!

Progress continued for the City of Watertown with the opening the first of many Black River Front Improvements.  This includes access to the viewing  and a trail to the water's edge at the Rt 3.  The State Street Reconstruction is also coming together with the entire street being paved and many are receiving pavers and sod.

Housing improvements continue.  Starwood continues to open units as Summitwood construction begins.  Creekwood continues through the planning stages as well.  Improvements on a smaller scale continue to occur throughout the city.

The Watertown Trust officially commits funds for the Downtown Facade Improvements.  The Franklin Building is being prepared to begin some work under the Restore NY Grant program.

Arsenal St's Rt 81 Bridge construction appears to be progressing smoothly as realigned intersections remove a traffic light and the north deck of the bridge is completed.

After a successful Farmers Market, many vendors move into the Paddock Arcade to contine the season.

June - July 2007

Flag Day saw a new North Side parade route that ran from the North Elementary to the Elks' Lodge on Bradley St. in Watertown!

Riverfront Projects see beginnings of construction off Eastern Blvd at the Rt 3 Wave Access.

A Soul Food Restaurant opens in the Globe Mall to give a new flavor to downtown.

St Anthony's Church hosts another successful Mount Carmel Fest with a fireworks finale!

Work on the Arsenal St / 81 Bridge Area shows significant progress with work to align Stateway and Price Chopper Plazas!

Construction continues to add stores on Western Blvd with AT&T's opening and Buffalo Wings' construction.

Starwood ( the old cloverdale Site) is moving along ang taking shape, expecting tenants to start moving in this season!

April - May 2007

First National Beef and Brew opens on Public Square!  Rave reviews for the food and the atmosphere!

The Watertown City Manager's budget calls for huge decrease in city property taxes - now well below many towns and villages!

Senator Wright builds compromise into sustained sales tax to save all Jefferson County Residents 2% on energy costs!

Very Successful Armed Forced Day Parade to Downtown Watertown!

US Senator speaks at SMC to support bill to help recruit and retain rural doctors through the National Health Service Corp.

January - March 2007


Big Sky Airlines announce Maintenance facility and 30 jobs coming to the Greater Watertown Airport!  Low cost flights to Boston to start in April!

The Black River Parks project is set to be constructed this summer!  New trails and parks are going to replace some of the blighted areas along the Black River.  The trails will include a Riverside trail from the Fairgrounds to JCC!

The Texas Roadhouse pre-opening raises money for the DPAO.  Target opens to the excitment of shoppers and early signs of construction season are begining to show as area growth continutes!

December 2006

It has been an amazing year for positive changes in Watertown!  New and Renovated buildings are everywhere.  Homes and Rentals are being built and fixed up at rapid rate!  Public & Private Partnerships are working to put quality homes on the market.  The City of Watertown is investing in the future with Public Square and State Street projects!  They have also secured grants to invest in revitalization of the Riverfront and capitalize on this amazing resource.  It has been recognized by the state and local officials as well that investing in this growth is key to areas success and millions of investment dollars have been secured!

We look forward to continued ground-breaking's and positive news in the New Year!!!

PS - Check out the Celebration of the Arts on New Years'


October -November 2006

A Restore NY Grant award of 1.25 million was announced for restoration of the Franklin Building on Watertown's Public Square.

Senator Schumer announces grants for the City of Watertown, Jefferson County and Neighbors of Watertown to work with Fannie Mae to invest renewal of Watertown's housing stock and help soldiers become first time home owners!

Two more new businesses opens in the Historic Paddock Arcade! 
The Paddock Arcade's 1St floor is full for the first time in years!
The Arcade's Pumpkin Festival and Haunted House was a success as people packed the event!

National Chains continue to invest in Watertown with opening of Old Navy, Panera Bread, Texas Roadhouse, Starbucks Coffee all in the works.  The foundation work of TGI Fridays is also seen!

Starwood Apartments is continuing to be enclosed to allow for interior work throughout the winter.  Summitwood is moving through the planning boards and appears ready to break ground in the spring.

July - August - September 2006

The City of Watertown was awarded a  $5000,000 Local Waterfront Revitalization Grant to provide North shore access to the Route 3 Wave, Hole Brothers Park and JB Wise Parking lot redesign with links to the Riverwalk!

Another business (a special effects production company) opens in the Historic Paddock Arcade!

A New Sign on Pearl St Welcomes people to the City of Watertown!

New York Air Brake hosted a recent open house to show off their
state of the art production facility in Watertown.
  A visional display of The History of the New York Air Brake adorns the main hallway!

Stream International is hiring again in Downtown Watertown!

Recently announced that new brigades are being assigned to Fort Drum - more soldiers to be our good neighbors!

National Chains continue to invest in Watertown with Target, PetCo, Old Navy, Panera Bread, Texas Roadhouse, Starbucks Coffee all in the works.  A new Holiday Inn Express, Ponderosa and Ruby Tuesdays are NOW open!

Starwood Apartments (former Cloverdale site) is coming out of the ground!

April - May - June 2006

The Rotary's Annual Tree Planting was a great successful with trees beautifying the Arsenal St. approach to Public Square as well as the newly reconstructed Main Avenue.

DANC announced a second round of RFP's for Developers to create housing to relieve the housing crisis.

The Public Square Streetscape and State Street Reconstruction are underway to rebuild and beautify a large portion of the city center!

Norstar Development appears to have partnered with
Brookline Development to build a housing community
next to Seaway Plaza in land recently annexed by the City.

The "new" Arcade Pizzeria opened in the Paddock Arcade!!!  They have an expanded menu and are open late a number of days!
(located near the entrance on Arcade St., near WWNY)

The City of Watertown Sidewalk Renewal Program was continued to improve the fairness of the system and improve the community spirit through walkable communities!

The New Mural Arts Program is looking for a logo through a competition and finding a space for the first mural in Downtown Watertown!

New stores continue to be built on Arsenal St. - The Mustard Seed has opened another store.  The Holiday Inn Express, Ruby Tuesdays, Ponderosa & Walgreens are taking shape.  The Petco & Old Navy stores in the Cor Center are getting really.

Target was also announced to be building a new store in the Cor Center while Pyramid considers expanding the Mall and Walmart plans to become a "Super Center".

Neighbors of Watertown are moving forward to create safe and affordable housing in the former Social Security building on Stone St.

January 2006

A spectacular First Night Celebration
brings crowds of people to Downtown Watertown
to enjoy local arts and entertainment!

Housing summit brings
US Senators, Congressmen and State Officials
to Watertown to discuss housing solutions.

Jefferson County Historic Society was named as the
2006 Co-sponsor of the JCC Foundation Mayor's Ball.

Emerge NNY set up plans for NNY summit
of young professionals in Fall 2006.

More Storefronts are opening
in the Paddock Arcade -
Nordic Beads and a new Craft shop BBoop.

The City of Watertown & Neighbors of Watertown
received matching funds for facade and interior improvements to buildings facing Public Square!

A new Family attraction called Velo-city to open in
the Emsall Plaza Space - a new brand of Chuckie's Cheese?

The United Way of NNY reached
the Million Dollar fund raising mark.

The NNY Foundation reaches an all time high
endowment  (with the help of Watertown's
favorite lottery winner, Mr. McGivney.)
Thank you for sharing your good fortune with your community!!!.

Watertown's four Catholic Church received
a million dollar Christmas gift
from a very generous Mr, McGivney.

February - March 2006

The Annual Chili Cookout was a successful fund raiser for the Jefferson County Volunteer Center.

DANC awarded the contracts for Housing Projects in Watertown and Carthage to build 240 rental units to relieve the housing crisis.

A Black River Clean - Up & Stewardship Event is planned for July 2006.

Norstar Development is set to begin construction on a new development on the former Cloverdale site, next to North Elementary School.

Brookline Development is looking to build a housing community next to Seaway Plaza.

Victory Promotions has moved to Downtown!!!  There new showroom is on lower State Street across from Burger King (front entrance on Parker St.)

October - November - December 2005

Watertown's Economy is booming again with the latest Fort Drum Expansion!!!
Two new hotels, new Kohls Store is open, Bed Bath & Beyond soon.  Others are Starbucks, Texas Roadhouse, Ruby Tuesday, MotoBistro, Best Buy and a new mall anchor store, Two Walgreens stores and a new Prudential office building.

The Paddock Arcade is coming alive with new stores, such as the Black River Coffee Company!  Brewster's BBQ, the Paddock Club and the Arcade Pizza are reopened for business!

City Residential Development has begun!
The City of Watertown Housing In-Fill is seen on Michigan Ave - through a partnership between the city and DANC.

The State of New York has ear marked 9 million for local housing development.

City Neighborhoods that have seen recline and loss of neighborhood fabric are now seeing some new construction and rehab breathing new life into them!

Private investors are looking into turning the former Watertown Carriage Company Building into residential units!  We hope to see a historic theme woven in to the new residences.

A private investment company is planning to set up its Headquarters in the Masonic Temple and possibly include a German beer hall, a performing arts center and roller skating area.

Neighbors of Watertown continue to have success rehabilitating properties for rental and 1St Time Home Buyers!
They are also assessing other local project to recreate more affordable housing.

Watertown's Points of Pride Highlight Watertown's Best:
They include:  Thompson Park and the Zoo, Our Raging River,
Our Beautiful Four Seasons, JCC and Local Individuals who are working to make Watertown a better place!

Eight new individuals were inducted into the Watertown High School Wall of Fame!  Examples of success for our youth to follow and reach their own dreams.

Improvement on Many Scales ...
The New North Country Children's Clinic recently opened in their new facility in Downtown, Watertown.
Improvements were also made to the intersection at Arsenal & Sherman as well as the parking areas on each side of the Old no. 1 fire house undertaken by Jefferson County highway crews.

Main Avenue & Green St.  work is completed, the State Street Reconstructions is underway and the Downtown Streetscape is beginning soon!

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